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German Hunting Guns

Section #1   Introduction
Section #2   The latest News
The latest News Contact Information - We get Letters, of interest to collectors and users of German Hunting Guns, All will be constantly updated.
Section #3   Gun Identification
German Hunting Gun Identification with helpful articles about First Impressions, Proof Marks, Gun Marks and Inscriptions etc.
Section #4   Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers, where you can find answers to the most often asked questions about German hunting guns and their makers. More information will be added as it is requested and becomes available.
Section #5   Gun Makers and Dealers
German Hunting Gun Makers and Dealers, both past and present, in alphabetical order, and also todays Gunsmiths who work on German guns.
Section #6   Gun Types
German Hunting Gun Types, including Rifles, Shotguns, Drillings, Combination Guns, etc.
Section #7   Gun Components
Components of German Hunting Guns, like Barrels, Actions, Safeties, Locks, Stocks and Ammunition are described in detail.
Section #8   Gun Inventions and Patents
German Hunting Gun Inventions and Patents, including the most important German and also English patents used on German guns.
Section #9   Feature Articles
German Hunting Gun Feature Articles about gun makers and their guns and a Photo Gallery of the most unique and the most attractive
Section #10   German Gunmaking Centers
German Gunmaking Centers, including the most important European gun making centers.
Section #11   History
History related to German Guns and their Makers
Section #12   Travel Destinations in Central Europe
Recommendations for Gun related Travel Destinations in Central Europe, including Museums, Gun Makers, Gun Factories, Historic Sites and Lodging.
Section #13   Where can I find?
Where can I find ? information about Gunsmiths, Gun Makers, Gun Dealers, Organizations, Books, Catalogs, Magazines
Section #14   Almanacs
Almanacs about German Hunting Guns and their Makers, Posters and Greeting Cards with photos of German Guns available now or in preparation.
Section #15   Publications
Bibliography of American Rifleman Articles about German Guns, etc.
Section #16   Donors, Contributors and Supporters
Donors, Contributors and Supporters who make this Website possible.
Section #17   Scrapbook
Scrapbook for saving important, interesting and even trivial information that can later be used in other sections.
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